You won´t stop moving

Walking on Innovation mit CAPRICE

Innovation is in our DNA

CAPRICE uniquely combines tradition and the constant quest for innovation. As a forward-looking shoe manufacturer, we always want to do a little bit more than the others and you can feel the difference.

We are constantly developing new standards that are designed to take comfort to an even higher level. With the introduction of state-of-the-art 3D technologies into the collection development process,

CAPRICE has set another milestone in innovation and perfection.


An innovation you can feel

The newly developed CLIMOTION® technology offers a dynamic fusion of softness, flexibility, cushioning and climate regulation, which provides an incomparable walking experience.


Perfect climate regulation in the shoe

In the CAPRICE insole, up to 300 air bubbles ensure optimal air circulation and an ideal foot climate with every step. up to 300 air bubbles ensure optimal air circulation and an ideal foot climate with every step.


Optimal skid resistance

Excellent traction and significantly improved skid resistance thanks to the innovative sole construction. The specially developed fins technology, in combination with the concave GRIP shells, ensure better grip on various surfaces. The elastic innovation elements adapt to the different ground conditions and stabilize the tread.


An Extra-soft tread

Inside the outsole there is a specially developed cushioning system that guarantees an extra-soft tread thanks to elastic cushioning bowls. The pressure of the foot activates the perforated blue bowls, adapts individually to each foot and supplies the entire inner shoe with air through a pump effect. The cushioning system is covered by a padded, breathable sole and a very soft, padded, breathable and removable footbed. Super soft nappa leather on the shoe upper also ensures an all-round perfect walking feeling.


A revolutionary climate for your feet

Fresh air flows into the shoe through the openings in the Blue Oxygen sole and continuously supplies the air chambers of the CAPRICE INSOLE with oxygen. The pump effect of the insole allows moist air to escape through the openings. A pleasantly fresh and dry walking feeling is guaranteed.


Better shock absorption

The ANTISHOKK heel technology developed by CAPRICE offers a significant increase in walking comfort. The shocks caused on the spine and joints by each step are absorbed, and thus the entire body is relieved. And every day anew.