Climate regulation & Ultra Cushioning

Walking on Innovation with CAPRICE

Innovation is in our DNA

CAPRICE uniquely combines tradition and the constant quest for innovation. As a forward-looking shoe manufacturer, we always want to do a little bit more than the others and you can feel the difference.

We are constantly developing new standards that are designed to take comfort to an even higher level. With the introduction of state-of-the-art 3D technologies into the collection development process,

CAPRICE has set another milestone in innovation and perfection.


CLIMOTION® stands for CLIMATE (climate) and MOTION (movement). 

CLIMOTION® provides a unique fusion of softness, flexibility, cushioning and climate control for an unparalleled walking experience. Thanks to the combination of the newly developed material and the elastic honeycomb structure with memory effect, the sole adapts ergonomically to the shape of your foot. Channels embedded in the bottom of the footbed allow air to circulate along the entire surface of the foot.

European patent: 3 958 701


AIRMOTION stands for AIR and MOTION. 

Up to 300 air-filled hemispheres in each CAPRICE AIRMOTION ensure comfortable air circulation and shock absorption. AIRMOTION prevents fatigue and provides a pleasant climate inside your shoe. 



The soft memory foam in the MEMOTION footbed ergonomically adapts to the shape of the foot. After wearing it partially returns to its original shape. The foot is repeatedly cushioned and comfortably embedded. Even in the dynamics of walking, the cushioning function works and absorbs hard impacts. 


Slip resistance and traction

Excellent traction and significantly improved skid resistance thanks to the innovative sole construction. The specially developed fins technology, in combination with the concave GRIP shells, ensure better grip on various surfaces. The elastic innovation elements adapt to the different ground conditions and stabilize the tread.

European patent: 3 501 320


Insulated thermal insole

The new THERMO insole consists of a foam insert covered with a high-quality thermal aluminum coating on the underside that keeps the feet warm and provides optimal protection against the cold ground underfoot. This keeps your feet warm and provides optimum protection from the cold floor.


Better shock absorption

The ANTISHOKK heel technology developed by CAPRICE offers a significant increase in walking comfort. ANTISHOKK technology effectively protects your spine, intervertebral discs and joints. And every day anew.

European patent: 1 642 513